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The heat of the sun beat down on all of us alike, but it seemed to impact me the most.

Walking the Markets

market with stuff to offer

I was looking for a clear indication that I was in the right place, when I began to hear the orders being taken down the road. It was a large number of orders for what appeared to be pearl and silver earrings.

Approaching the area, I had to push through the throng of people, elbowing past the other onlookers. I had to sort out where the buyer was.

A big offer cracked through the air like a whip. This was 150% over the asking price that the vendor previously asked for.

A man stepped forth with a single earring on his left ear. He was the one who made the offer.

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The Mystery Man

business man with earring

I went to have a conversation with this man to get the details of his business. He seemed to be purchasing another large quantity of silver earrings and said said he had ships in the harbor, ready to go to sea.

Normally, I wouldn't just walk up to someone, but I needed to know his backstory. I strode up to him, grabbed his hand and asked for a meeting.

His stare was icy blue and he had no expression. He nodded and motioned for me to walk with him.

I noticed that he had a box with him. It contained a single pair of blue crystal earrings that I wanted information on.

Restaurant Discussion

restaurant meeting

The restaurant we walked into was absolutely gorgeous. There was a beautiful tapestry hanging from the ceiling and a few business people at meetings.

He and I sat across from each other and he motioned for me to speak. I did.

I asked him the following questions:

  • Why he was buying so much jewelry at such a high price?

  • Why was he carrying the blue crystal earrings around with him?

  • How could I get to where he was?

He took each of my questions in stride.

Why buy so many silver earrings?

He said that he liked the price. He was under the impression that the particular earrings he was purchasing were going to be very scarce, and by paying so much more, he will always get the first call when the next batch is due.

I had never considered this as a strategy.

Why was he carrying blue crystal earrings?

These were the first earrings he ever sold. They were a reminder of where he'd come from and where he was going.

He had sold silver, pearl, and even clear earrings with orders from all over the world, but he always remembered his blue crystal earrings.

How could I get to where he was?

He said this would be the hardest part. You have to look for inspiration along the way and the best designs or designers that speak to you.

Not commodity brokers, but real artists. This made everything clear for me. I had all the details.

Wrapping up the Conversation

I asked the man if I could purchase a pair of these blue crystal earrings to use as inspiration of my own. He agreed and gave them to me.

What do Blue Crystal Earrings Mean?

blue crystal earrings from Lucy Nash

Blue crystal earrings symbolize a quiet calm. They help show a grounded person who focuses on the details. The silver in most of the earrings you can get are absolutely gorgeous.

The reason I wanted to offer these blue crystal earrings is because they symbolize a journey, a passing of the torch from one to the other. This meeting was a great inspiration to me and to the business of Lucy Nash.

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These earrings are the perfect accessory for any outfit.

I was inspired to create these earrings after a chance meeting with a successful businessman. He told me his secret to success, and it's something that I want to share with you.

These earrings are a great accent or centerpiece. They're sure to turn heads when you wear them.

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