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The Alejandra Chain Bracelet

This journey was much easier than some of the previous ones. For this particular trip, I was on the search for a gold bracelet at a good price. I went to Mexico, next to the Rio Grande Valley for the perfect piece.

Walking the Town

walking through town

As I was walking through the town, there were very few people on the street. It seemed that this early in the morning, very few of the town's inhabitants were out and about.

I didn't want to be perceived as a tourist, but there didn't seem to be a way around it. The label of "tourist" would be attached to me like a scarlet letter.

This status wouldn't help get the best elegant bracelet for my collection, but I had to shop with confidence.

Finding the Right Shop

delicate jewelry pieces in shop

The first shop I went to, was a larger, brick and mortar store. They had a wide variety of popular designs. The selection was in silver, gold, and a huge amount of jewelry.

I saw a beautiful silver tennis bracelet that reminded me of the trip to Sudan where I found a gorgeous piece of jewelry. It wasn't the proper piece to wear for my trip, but the seller had the item for a good price.

The look and style of each of the pieces was usually pretty simple, but I couldn't find the perfect piece of jewelry for this trip. I needed something more subtle, yet stylish.

I left this shop and went to the street market. I needed something without so much sparkle.

Looking at Designer Link Bracelets

different length bracelets

There were a huge number of different bracelets around the town. There were a huge number of different chains and links to choose from. The following ones were my favorites:

  • Rope Chain Bracelet

  • Snake Chain Bracelet

  • Charm Bracelets

  • Chain Bracelets

  • Figaro Chain Bracelet

Unfortunately, despite this giant selection, there wasn't anything that really piqued my interest. Despite the huge number of designer link bracelets, I wanted something a little more unique.

The shape of each chain link bracelet was also a huge consideration. I wanted it to accentuate the wrist and give the possibility of layered chain bracelets, but not take away from the other jewelry.

Deciding between Round or Oval Links

I then saw the right choice. It looked comfortable, but also had high quality material. The gold shone incredibly brightly in the sun.

Then I saw different flat and elongated chain links for their gold bracelet. It needed to be a light, but beautiful chain bracelet.

I saw some round links, but that bracelet didn't quite fit with what I wanted to wear. I then decided to try the oval links with the bracelets I already had on.

Layered Chain Bracelets

Thinking I found the right chain bracelet, made this a tough decision. The best one had to be worn.

I tried the oval links first and it looked fantastic on my wrist. It was a fantastic piece of jewelry to add on the collection.

Despite, the two different chain bracelet had similar design, the color made the difference. The oval links had the best gold color.

The making of the bracelet was even more interesting.

Getting the Alejandra Chain Bracelet

The bracelet was the right piece for the layer. I asked the shop owner for the chain bracelet and her daughter responded with a price. The daughter was named Alejandra.

The mother/shop owner told me that her daughter dreamed of coming to the United States. I wished her luck and said I would be bringing a piece of her to the US. I hope that she makes it there.

The Alejandra Chain Bracelet at Lucy Nash

This beautiful gold chain bracelet is perfect for layering!

Layer this bracelet with your other pieces to create a unique look.

You'll love the beautiful gold links on this piece of jewelry.

Add this chain bracelet to your cart now and experience the beauty for yourself!

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