Sterling Silver Tennis Bracelet: Unexpected Find in a New Place

Sterling Silver Tennis Bracelet: Unexpected Find in a New Place

sterling silver tennis bracelet by Lucy Nash

When I landed in Omdurman, Sudan I knew I was in love.

Journey in Omdurman, Sudan: The Beginning

omdurman sudan wide shot

After landing in Omdurman, Sudan, I was greeted by a group of soldiers. These men would be my protection and guide in this unfamiliar land. The entire landscape was barren and devoid of any people.

I noticed that one of the men had a sterling silver necklace and a collection of bracelets on their left wrist. They were made from a variety of white diamond and I could see a variety of different colors in the setting.

I was then introduced to the leader of the group. His name was Zyzz and was the definitely the largest of the group. Standing at about six foot six inches tall with a baritone voice. He exuded confidence and competence. I asked the man if there was anywhere I could browse for new pieces for the collection.

He answered in the affirmative and off we went. The caravan was kicking up dust behind us as we went into the desert. I was excited to find something I would like that I could bring back to our customers.

A Close Encounter

image of soldiers in Sudan

As we rumbled down the dirt roads, I noticed Zyzz's head was on a swivel. I heard that Sudan was a dangerous place, but I chalked that up to the typical hysteria in the media. Zyzz's actions seemed to disagree.

Everyone in the party had a silver, diamond set, bracelet. These were obviously a group that managed to amass some kind of wealth, and I doubt that came from just taking tourists to the markets.

I looked to my wrist and saw a sterling silver bracelet with a single heart in the center. This definitely wasn't to the same standard as my guides. Suddenly, I heard Zyzz shout to his group, signaling wildly to the right of the caravan.

Caravan of jeeps in sudan

In the distance, there was another caravan of jeeps, heading right for us. There wouldn't be much time before they were on us. As they come closer we could see the top of their heads, which were adorned in military helmets.

Zyzz shouted at the group and our driver floored it. We went careening through the dirt roads, an even bigger cloud of dust getting kicked up behind us. "Raiders, they try to kidnap you," Zyzz said as we rushed through the desert.

There was quite the market for American hostages, allegedly, and Zyzz wasn't interested in losing someone on his watch. I saw a village in the distance. It was an oasis in the desert and we were heading straight for it. Apparently that spot marked safety.

As we got closer to the village, the other caravan got closer as well. When we got within 100 yards of the village, the raiders stopped and turned around. I hoped we would find the perfect bracelet at this market, given the current situation and danger level.

Meeting At the Market

oil painting of market in Sudan

As we pulled into the village, I was hoping we would locate something special. The goal was to find the perfect, not over the top, bracelet, given how everyone around me was wearing them. Ideally something with diamond in it, as that may perfectly encapsulate this trip and the challenges today.

The time had come to shop for the perfect item. I walked through the rows and rows of vendors, looking for the perfect bracelet. I wanted something current, yet timeless for the collection. I happened upon a small stall that had rows of sterling silver bracelets, of all varieties.

Sterling Silver is the Pick

image of sterling silver bracelet

Upon seeing the rows of bracelets, I knew that I had to pick a silver bracelet, as it perfectly encapsulated the experience. I did like the shine of the silver and the goal was to find something with diamond in it, to ensure it's sparkle.

The bracelet I found was a beautiful tennis bracelet, with muddy looking diamond in the band. The craftsmanship was outstanding, but the diamond didn't sparkle the way I desired for this particular piece. I decided to move on to another stall.

Need a Sterling Silver Tennis Bracelet

sterling silver tennis bracelet

As Zyzz and I walked through the market, I found the perfect stall. It was a small, unassuming shop and the owner was relaxed with tennis bracelets all around them. I pointed to a few of the bracelets, but all had deep yellow diamond in the top of the tennis bracelet.

Unfortunately, this was not what I was looking for. I needed something where the white silver would show through a colorless stone. Then the woman pulled out a different bracelet from the corner. It did not have diamond, but had cubic zirconia.

I inquired about the price and the woman responded with something imminently more reasonable than the price of the tennis bracelet with poor stone quality. I may have found the perfect item.

After purchasing the beautiful bracelet from the woman, I went back with Zyzz to the caravan. He mentioned that due to the raiders in the east, we may have to wait a few days before I could return home.

The remainder of the journey was spent with my guides and the villagers. Learning from their culture, enjoying their foods and customers, and eventually making some new friends.

Picking the Stacy Sterling Silver Tennis Bracelet

wearing the sterling silver tennis bracelet

After selecting the tennis bracelet, I paid the woman and was on my way. The bracelet was a brilliant sterling silver metal, with a current design and phenomenal craftsmanship. I knew this was the perfect bracelet for the trip.

The extra stones, to me, represent the group of soldiers who took me through the treacherous regions in Sudan, while I went to discover the perfect, sterling silver tennis bracelet. Each stone is like the diamond each of the soldiers had on their wrists.

The sterling silver matches the aesthetic of the entire journey from the people to their adornment. Rather than go with diamond, to keep the tennis bracelet affordable, we have stunning cubic zirconia. The whole bracelet is also offered at a price everyone can afford, just $68 to add this beautiful piece to your collection.

The Stacy Tennis Bracelet is available at the Lucy Nash website and ships in less than a day. Add this to your collection if you also want to embrace the spirit of adventure with quiet sophistication, all in a single, beautiful piece of jewelry.

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