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Silver Ball Earrings: Inspiration in an Unexpected Place

The Newest Adventure in Dubai

painting of united arab emirates dubai

This was the most glamorous trip yet. I had gotten a free ticket to Dubai as a gift from the airline company. They seemed to appreciate all the flights I was taking to shop for various kinds of product all over the world.

On this adventure, rather than go somewhere remote, I decided to venture to Dubai. The lights were dazzling as the city stretched out in front of me. I was only here for a day, so I needed to make the most of my time here.

Checkout the Airport's offerings

I went to the airport shop to look for some earrings. You never know what you might find, and this airport seemed to have items to checkout that were different from the standard fare. Who knows what they might have available.

After looking in each store, I couldn't find any items sold that I thought were of the quality product I wanted. I also may want to offer an item that was more unique than the stud earrings in an airport.

It was time to head out into the city. I went to a concierge stall to get all the details of the city and swap currency. Then went out into the city.

Difficulty Finding my Way Around

when you see a busy street in dubai

After leaving the airport I was greeted by a cacophony of the city. The airport was still far enough away to see the skyline of the city, but even from this far, in 2022, I could hear the sounds of the city far away.

A shuttle arrived to take new arrivals into the city, and I quickly boarded. I made sure to add the cost of this particular ride to my budget. Normally I didn't have to worry about the price of transport, but Dubai would be different.

Getting off the bus, into the heart of the city, I took time to review my surroundings. This was a completely different situation than I had been in before. I knew the size of the city and the sheer amount of options would make this a difficult search.

Wandering the city street, looking for help, or any information on the shipping hub that was Dubai was incredibly frustrating. I had no idea what the availability of transport was like, or how to get to a shop.

I quickly abandoned the idea of trying to save money by taking a bus or walking as the size of the city was impossible to comprehend. I would get lost almost immediately. I decided to get help and find a cab.

A middle aged man, helped hail me a cab and directed the driver to shops where I could make my purchase of a perfect piece of metal jewelry.

Going to The Market

gold based jewelry together

As I got to the market, I saw a throng of people moving in and out of the giant doors. Each was covered in different jewelry and what united them all was a sheer decadence I had never encountered.

The size of the gold and sterling silver jewelry was astounding. They were able to use metal in a way I had never seen to enhance one's appearance and display wealth. This would be a day to remember.

Sterling Silver Everywhere

sterling silver jewelry everywhere

As I walked through the shop I felt like a fish out of water. The price of each piece of jewelry was absolutely eye watering. I was amazed at the gold and diamonds that encrusted even the most simple piece of jewelry.

Some of the store signs indicated that delivery could only be done via armored personal carrier. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

I then stumbled upon a smaller, unassuming shop that was no less busy than the rest. It was filled with the most beautiful sterling silver earrings and necklaces I had ever seen. This stuff wasn't gaudy, but simply elegant.

I knew, based on what I had seen, that this was the shop for me. I wasn't a gaudy girl, or one that wanted my jewelry to outshine me. I quickly checked online and found that the reviews for this particular shop were all glowing.

The Style of the Area

look for dubai fashion

The style of the men and women in the shop was incredible. Each had taken basic outfits and enhanced them in ways I couldn't imagine. Their sheer creativity was astounding.

In the US, you wouldn't see modest clothing with immodest jewelry. Generally the opposite was true. I quickly perused the selection, looking for the perfect item to add to my collection, and hopefully save some money in the process.

I thought I may have a tough day communicating with the people around me, but the store and the product I was hoping to acquire made it worth the effort.

Difficult Words Exchanged

storefront in Dubai

The store was difficult to navigate and I saw a man buying a small gift for his wife. It was a beautiful site. I looked over and saw the shop keeper staring at me with frustration in his eyes.

He came over to me and told me to buy something or get out of his shop. Either he didn't like people loitering, or he didn't like me. I didn't know which. I was trying to save the trip and get something perfect from the store.

I began to checkout the other offerings at the store to see what they sold. I then saw the most beautiful pair of earrings in the store. They were subtle, elegant, understated and beautiful. I went straight for them, hoping a pair was free to purchase.

The Perfect Sterling Silver Ball Stud Earrings

Sterling Silver Ball Stud Earrings

I found the perfect sterling silver ball stud earrings. I had seen other ball stud earrings, but nothing like this. They had the most beautiful silver and the details were immaculate.

This was what I came to get. I didn't want the gaudy or aggressive earrings with gold and diamonds everywhere, but rather something great for the price. Thee ball stud earrings were it.

I then asked the store owner the price. He gave me a number that I'm sure was much too high for the product, but when you find the perfect piece, you know what to do. I paid the man and left the shop.

What to do with them

I didn't want to be the only one with earrings like this, however. I inspected the earrings diligently and began researching how I could get the same ones to the customers at Lucy Nash.

I found great shipping options and a supplier to bring these to store. I wanted to give the best from my trip to the United Arab Emirates. The silver was perfect and the ball stud earrings were exactly what I needed to add to the collection.

Get the Best Earring At Lucy Nash

Wearing the Sterling Silver Ball Stud Earrings

This was the most luxurious and ostentatious trip I'd ever been on. The search for the earrings and all the jewelry has taken me all over the globe. This, I thought, was an unexpected find in this place, and I had to have them.

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