Gold Sun Necklace: A Beautiful Pendant Brings Bright Meaning

Gold Sun Necklace: A Beautiful Pendant Brings Bright Meaning

Landing in Sana'a

landing in yemen

The landing was nerve wracking as the plane plunged towards the runway. We could see the desolate landscape through the windows of the airplane as we approached for landing. As we got closer to the ground, the airplane seemed to speed up. We hit the ground so hard the overhead compartments with luggage popped open and some belongs crashed to the floor.

Traveling to a new country is always a daunting venture. My husband and I found ourselves in Sana’a, Yemen as we looked for inspiration for a great piece to offer. We went to an exchange to swap our money and pay whatever taxes calculated we were expected to see. Then we were off to shopping.

Shopping for a Gold Necklace

jewelry shop in yemen

As I wandered through the shops in Sana'a, Yemen, searching for the perfect necklace, I couldn't help but admire the beautiful yellow gold pieces on display. Despite my initial excitement, it became clear that finding exactly what I was looking for was going to take some effort.

My husband and I were exploring a busy market in Sana'a when we were suddenly surrounded by a group of children. They started aggressively begging for money, and even tried to sell us trinkets and souvenirs.

An Unexpected Meeting

We quickly realized that these kids were just looking for an easy way to make some cash, as there were countless other street beggars scattered throughout the marketplace. Despite the locals' efforts to chase them away, the children seemed determined to search for new and unsuspecting foreign tourists.

It was a jarring reminder of the stark inequality present in the country, and we made sure to keep a close hold on our belongings as we continued on with our exploration of the city. This incident will always stick out in my memory as a unique cultural experience during our trip, but also as a stark reminder of the hardships faced by those living in poverty around the world.

Initial Excitement Turned to Disappointment

a poorly made gold sun necklace

While browsing a jewelry market in Sana'a, my husband and I stumbled upon the most beautiful gold sun pendant. The shopkeeper eagerly began showing us his wares and explaining their supposed worth in pounds sterling. The design was exactly what we had in mind for our collection and the color was perfect.

However, upon closer inspection, we realized the craftsmanship was subpar and the price did not reflect the quality of the piece. Despite being disappointed, we were still inspired by the design and kept searching for something similar with better details and workmanship.

Arguments Ensue

We politely turned down his offers, but he didn't take no for an answer. He began shouting at us in a foreign language, getting more and more aggressive as we tried to continue our shopping. It was clear that being a customer was not enough for him - he wanted us to buy something, no matter the cost.

As uncomfortable stares from passersby grew, we had to remove ourselves from the situation before it escalated further. It's unfortunate that this kind of behavior is all too common in tourist areas, especially with tourists from the USA, but it just goes to show that not every shopping experience can have a happy ending.

Trying to Find the Gold Sun Pendant Necklace

sun pendant necklace

Finding the perfect gold necklace was a challenge. We visited a shop that had some gorgeous pieces of clothing, but the gold necklaces were overpriced. It felt wrong to pay such exorbitant prices, so we continued our search.

We entered a dimly lit shop with some beautiful gold color jewelry on the walls. The materials used were absolutely phenomenal and the chain for each pendant was the best we'd seen in any of the stores.

We went to look for a good sale on the yellow gold jewelry, and I think we may have found the best possible item. Here's what we'd come to find. Even if the landed costs of everything we wanted incurred sterling duties, it would be worth it for the perfect piece.

Finding the Perfect Necklace

The perfect golden sun necklace

I perused every inch of the small shop, carefully examining each piece before moving on to the next. Eventually, my husband and I stumbled upon a stunning necklace in yellow gold - it was love at first sight. While we may have spent some time searching for the perfect addition to my collection, it was well worth it.

The shop owner was a delight to deal with and that led us to the Golden Sun Necklace. It is absolutely beautiful to have such an amazing piece of jewelry at an amazing price for everyone that would want it. We were focused on the details of the perfect pendant for sale on our site.


yellow gold sun necklace

Eventually, we found a gold sun necklace that met all of our criteria and our customers have loved it ever since. It's always important to look for both inspiration and excellent craftsmanship when selecting pieces for our jewelry line. Of course, price must also be considered to ensure we can offer accessible and fair prices to our customers.

Now, every time I wear that golden sun necklace, it brings back fond memories of roaming the streets of Sana'a with my husband on our search for something special. And who knows - maybe our next purchase will be even more beautiful! On our website we offer the beautiful gold necklace for $54 and with its availability, it comes with free shipping for all orders in the continental United States.


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