Gold Link Earrings: The Passing Of The Torch

Gold Link Earrings: The Passing Of The Torch

New York City Train Station

The rumbled into New York City. The screech of the brakes rang through the train car as my mother and I looked out the window. It was time to find the perfect piece.

Walking through New York City

 New York City size

New York was filled with the hustle and bustle of a city alive. My mother and I would come here every weekend when I was growing up to find new pieces for her jewelry stand. She and I would go through unique products made of different material, looking for the perfect deal.

This trip was different, however. This time we were here for my jewelry business as I continued my mother's legacy in 2022. I was hoping for something gold with some sort of weight behind the piece. My plan was to get earrings, but first we needed to meet my uncle.

Visiting the Wings of Redemption

beautiful details of wings of redemption

We always met my uncle at the same spot. He was an antiques dealer who had quite a few connections in New York. His store was quite profitable and he always knew where to get the best product.

This time, we were to meet at the Wings of Redemption monument in New York before moving to look for the perfect jewelry. This monument was a great testament to the human spirit and hope that infused the city.

Here we met my uncle and he had a great piece of news. It was all about the details, so he wanted to go to the best market for precious metal in the city.

Adventure in the Market

2022 New York City Market

My uncle led my mother and I to an outdoor market in the city. I saw gold earrings everywhere, but each store didn't have the kind of details I needed in a perfect pair of earrings.

My uncle was also less than impressed with the gold earrings offered. We needed a great pair of chain link earrings to really be a great new piece for the Lucy Nash store. It had to be a perfect product.

My Uncle Helps Find a Store

As the three of us walked through the market, my uncle seemed to be in search of something. He seemed to have ideas of what we needed. We meandered through the market, looking at a variety of product and different jewelry, looking for the perfect thing.

My uncle suddenly turned to my mother and I excited. "Over here!" he exclaimed as he rushed down one of the many aisles. My mother and I struggled to keep up with him as he hurried through the market, dodging and weaving between patrons.

Suddenly, we were there. My uncle beamed with pride as he stretched his arms out as if displaying the grandness of his discovery. In the stall was a small Chinese man who looked at my uncle with familiar affection.

I glanced through the selection and found the perfect thing. The metal was a beautiful yellow gold. The earrings were of link earrings style with a single stone, that looked like a diamond, in the last link. These were the perfect pair.

Finding the Right Price

My uncle and the vendor talked with each other in Mandarin briefly. I understood that he was letting the man know that I was his niece. I was hoping this would get me the best price for the beautiful product in the shop.

The vendor turned to me and we began to haggle. I wanted these beautiful link earrings, but I knew I couldn't afford a crazy high price. Eventually we came to the right price, and I had the perfect piece. The Kaylin Gold Link Earring.

The Beautiful Kaylin Earrings

gold earrings with link

These earrings are the perfect way to symbolize a transition from mother to daughter in your family business. The cubic zirconia accent on these earrings makes them unique and beautiful. You won’t find anything else like it on the market today. These earrings are a reminder of the family tradition that you carry with you every day. They are a precious symbol of your lineage.

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