8mm Hoop Earrings: Finding the Perfect Accessory

8mm Hoop Earrings: Finding the Perfect Accessory

looking at Cape Town South Africa from the Sea

Docking in Cape Town

The waves were lapping against the side of the boat as the skyline of Cape Town, South Africa. This particular trip was to find the perfect hoop earring for the Lucy Nash collection. I wanted to see the perfect piece for my ear that would add a great accent.

Dodging the Gang

close look at graffiti in South Africa

The goal was to find the perfect hoop earring to wear in my collection. It needed to be elegant and a product I would recommend to anyone who asked. I had a piercing up at the top of my ear that would be a perfect home for the new selection.

Unfortunately, I had to meet with my guide first and he wasn't at the dock. My phone was incredibly slow in this foreign country as the plan was based out of the United States. A text came through that I quickly read, saying that I should meet my guide at the market. He had attached an image of the market as well.

I then headed towards the market, thanks to a downloaded map, but heard some rapid footsteps behind me. I could hear metal scraping on the ground (sounding like it was from a pipe).

Without turning around I started running to free myself from the situation. I quickly made it to the market. It was a close call. My guide told me that there are frequent gang attacks for young tourist women. So much for having a guide.

Making My Way Through The Market

image Market in Cape Town South Africa

As I went through the market with my guide, I perused the selection of gold products for the perfect item to add to the collection. The shop owners were a bit more aggressive than I had experienced in the past as each tried to share their product, hoping I may purchase.

Unfortunately I didn't find anything that fit my taste. I saw several different earrings in the shops, but nothing that really got me excited.

Something to Please the Senses

image perfect stall in Cape Town

As we got to the back of the market I noticed a small stand doing piercing for free. The line was wrapped around the stall.

I approached and saw that they were selling a beautiful 8mm hoop earring that was solid 14k gold. This piece was gorgeous but a bit too expensive. I was also worried about the size so I tried it on my ear.

The Perfect Size Earring

image 8mm gold hoop earring

Getting the Paula Hoop Earring

image the Paula Gold 8mm Hoop Earring

I settled on a price and finally got the perfect 14k gold plated 8mm hoop earring for my collection. It was the right size and right fit for what I wanted. The perfect item to offer to the wonderful customers at Lucy Nash.


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