Women's Religious Jewelry

Women's Religious Jewelry

Religious Jewelry for Women

Many women ask if it is okay to wear religious jewelry. Will this jewelry be offensive or send the wrong message? The question really comes down to "will I be judged negatively for this?" Here at Lacy Nash, we believe that the best you is the one that doesn't worry about being judged. You should be YOU.


What kind of jewelry is best to start?

If you are uncomfortable wearing religious jewelry at the moment there are a couple good places to start. A simple necklace that can be hidden under a high collar shirt is a good first step. If you want to take a more public first step, you can go with a set of earrings that look great and set a mood. Lacy Nash offers a few great options for earrings that go from understated, to eye catching. Check out our earring collection for some options.


Why wear religious jewelry?

If you are asking the question, you're probably on the wrong post. For those who are asking, it usually comes down to living your faith and beliefs. Showing what you believe in. The concern with wearing these pieces comes from a fear that you will be confronted or judged. The real root question is why wear jewelry at all? Jewelry is an expression of you. It is unique in what you pick and how you combine different pieces. If you faith is important to you or you just want to wear religious jewelry it sends an unmistakable message about your values and orientation in life. The ones who resonate with that message, will be the ones drawn to you. You don't want just ANYONE, you want those around you that are best for YOU. 

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