The Rising Popularity of the Golden Sun Necklace

If you've been watching the recent fashion trends, you've certainly seen the popular, dainty gold, sun charm necklace. It's a perfect accessory when you're looking for a great necklace to wear solo or to layer with other necklaces. Unfortunately, there are several things to consider when getting the perfect necklace.


  1. Will this necklace be in style?
  2. Do I want 14k solid gold or get gold plated?
  3. Do I want a gold chain as well?



  • The simple answer is YES it will be in style.
  • Get Gold Plated
  • Get a gold chain


Will the dainty sun necklace be in style?

The quick answer is YES. Like all things, fashion is cyclical. You need to make sure you're on the upswing of the trend rather than on the way down. How do you know to time this?

trend of dainty sun necklace

The best way is to look at Google trends. Search for your favorite piece and see search volume. The popularity of the search term for gold sun necklace peaked in December of last year. If you look at the current trend, we are moving up, from a dip, into the EXACT SAME PEAK that was in December of last year.

It's safe to say this will continue. You want to make sure you're on the leading edge of the trend. Getting in before December is a big deal. As supply chains and inventories experience problems, it is always better to get in early rather than late.

14k gold or gold plated charm?

Given that this product is generally a trend setter and can have fluctuating interest, it's best to go with gold plated jewelry. You want to make sure that you get the best deal possible and won't feel bad swapping it out with other necklaces if you need to.

Getting a gold plated necklace is a great way to save money and stay on top of the trends to stay stylish. Make sure the base metal is something like sterling silver, because that is a highly durable and high quality material.

Stay away from brass plated items or any other poor quality metal. They only cause issues and if the plating wears off, you'll have an ugly piece on your hands.

Should I have a gold chain?

That's an easy answer. YES. If you have a gold pendant on the necklace, you should absolutely have a gold chain. Now you don't have to spend a fortune on that gold chain.

Get a plated gold chain or something like it to make sure the color stays consistent. Generally you don't want to have a clashing color of metal between your chain and the pendant. Even if you have a rose gold chain with a yellow gold necklace, you're going to have a problem.

Where should I shop?

There are an infinite number of places to shop when you're looking for a great golden sun necklace that goes with so many different outfits. We offer our own at Lucy Nash in our necklace collection.

You can also check on Etsy for some great home made jewelry. The problem with an Etsy purchase is that customer service is always spotty when you're dealing with a wide variety of custom jewelry producers.

Make sure you do your research and best of luck in getting your perfect piece!

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