The Perfect Dainty Gold Bracelet

The Alejandra and Ashley Bracelets

Dainty Bracelets vs. Chunky Bracelets

Throughout 2022, chunky gold bracelets have been a very hot trend. Not only are they very trendy but they the gold tone is also very classic so they will likely be a staple will want to have in your closet longterm.

As we move into 2023, we are likely to see trends move more towards dainty jewelry. There is beauty that can be found in a simple and understated gold bracelet. Many boutiques have seen this sort of style become best seller in their shops recently and we don't anticipate the trend to slow.

I would definitely recommend keeping those chunky pieces around in your closet but also begin to build out you collection with daintier pieces if you don't have any.

We get into styling the bracelets in the next section, but it's not a bad idea to have multiple dainty gold bracelet (or silver and dainty) for those days you are wanting to go for a stacked look.

How to Style Gold Bracelets

Try Stacking Dainty Bracelets

Regardless of your style and the occasion you're dressing for, a dainty bracelet can make the perfect classic wrist accessory. They flawlessly transition from day to night and they are perfect for casual and everyday wear. There are a couple things to keep in mind when styling gold bracelet though.

If you have a more understated style, I'd recommend not stacking too many bracelets together, especially if you plan on wearing a bright colored or pattered outfit. 1-2 bracelets pair nicely for a clean and simple look.

Personally, you can find me in athleisure most days of the week but I still opt for at least 1 bracelet most of the time.

My perfect bracelet that I never take off is the Lucy Nash Ashley Bracelet that is a gold, dainty chain adorn in petite round beads. This jewelry piece has been a great staple in my closet and gets a ton of wear with my active lifestyle.

If you're wanting to go for a bolder look, we definitely think chunky bracelets are great but we find that they don't get as much wear as their dainty counterpart.

What we've discover works well is building out your jewelry collection with gold dainty bracelets and stacking them together to get the bolder look. The pieces in your collection will get much more wear. Your collection can have matching bracelets or they can be different styles.

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