Sterling Silver Moon Earrings

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I. Introduction

Silver moon jewelry has become increasingly popular in modern fashion, but the symbol has been worn for centuries in many different cultures. We are going to dive into the meaning behind the moon symbol and why is worn so frequently today, the different types of styles you can find and how to care for your moon earrings so it will last for years to come.

II. Why Women Wear Moon Jewelry

The moon symbol holds a lot of different meaning depending on who you ask and which culture you are looking at. To many, the crescent moon represents embracing change.

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The crescent moon can represent the cyclical moon phases which can act as a representation of the phases of life and the changes that come with it. Many women wear the symbol as a reminder that life is always changing so you may as well embrace it!

The moon symbol is also a symbol of female empowerment as it is frequently associated with fertility, the goddess, and the feminine principle. Others wear it to ward off evil spirits and for good luck.

In today's day and age, you'll also find many women that simply like the cute and timeless design and wear their moon piece as a fashion statement.

III. Different Styles of Moon Earrings

Crescent Moon

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The crescent moon symbol is used far more frequently in earrings designs than the full moon for a number of reasons. The crescent moon has gained its iconic status due to the relatability and power of the symbol.

As discussed earlier, it's a sign of embracing change, femininity and mystery which resonates with people. The shape of the crescent moon is also more detailed and versatile than that of its full moon counterpart.

Moon Dangling Earrings

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Dangling Moon earrings hang down from the earlobe. They are usually connected to the ear through a hook, stud post or hoop such as pictured above. Since they hang down and are more visible than stud earrings, they are more likely to make a statement or to be noticed.

In my experience, these types of earrings get lots of compliments and make a great gift for girlfriend. If I didn't already have a pair in my collection, these would be an automative "add to cart" for me!

Moon Stud Earrings

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Moon stud earrings are another popular style you can find. They typically sit flush against the ear and are much more minimalistic than dangling earrings. Moon stud earrings are typically very comfortable to wear (as long as they are made out of good quality materials).

Since they are more understated, they can go with a lot of outfits and depending on the design, would likely be great for everyday wear.

Silver and Gold

While there are jewelry pieces that incorporate color, silver and gold color moon earrings have become increasingly popular since silver and gold match with other accessories and outfits more easily and therefore can be worn more often.

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Sterling silver is fantastic material choice for your crescent moon earrings. It is a hypoallergenic material and great if you or the person you order the gift for needs earrings for sensitive ears.

If it is expected that you will be wearing your new crescent moon jewelry on a daily basis, you will be very happy you decided to go with sterling silver. It does require cleaning from time to time but sterling silver is waterproof and a great quality material.

Silver can also be spiced up with a little sparkle by adding in gemstones or cubic zirconia. Sterling silver cubic zirconia jewelry has risen in popularity and might be a look you want to consider as you search for the perfect pair of moon earrings.


Gold hues have also risen in prominence in jewelry and have become very trendy over the last couple years. A gold plated, sterling silver moon earring set would also be a great purchase.

Gold plated sterling silver is a great way to get the gold look without have to pay for solid gold, and since sterling silver is still a high quality material, you won't have to worry about it causing skin irritation.

IV. How to Care for Sterling Silver Moon Earrings

While sterling silver earrings are waterproof, it's important that you clean them using a soft cloth on a regular basis to remove mineral build up. You'll also want to avoid harsh chemical or perfumes and lotions, which could cause damage to the earrings.

When you're not wearing them, be sure to store them in a dry place away from sunlight.

V. Buying Tips

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So you're ready to start your search but you're wondering where to start. Not to worry! here are a few tips that might help you along the way.

There are many stones and business that carry these styles of earrings. Be sure to check the average rating on products and to read individual reviews.

Reviews can help inform your decision and can save you time down the road. Instead of adding to cart and pressing "order" right away, taking the time to research first.

VI. Conclusion

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Sterling silver moon earrings can be a fantastic addition to your collection. The symbol holds many different meanings, but what really matters is your personal preference and the message you want to convey.

Be sure to evaluate all the different styles and your buying options before making a decision. When you take care with your decision, you'll be sure to love your new earrings.

Also, be sure to take care of your sterling silver jewelry and you'll be able to wear it for years to come!

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