Popular Jewelry Styles in 2022

We researched what the most popular jewelry styles are in 2022 and this is what we found:


Earrings Take the Cake

According to Diamond Nexus (https://www.diamondnexus.com/blog/most-popular-fine-jewelry-survey-infographic/), earrings are THE most popular jewelry type amongst women, with studs being the most popular style that falls into the earring category. Necklaces follow closely behind in terms of women’s jewelry preferences. Rings rank third and bracelets fourth. We suspect the reason for this is because earrings (specifically studs and some hoops) and necklaces are less bothersome than rings and bracelets. We’ve heard from our customers that having rings on their fingers or bracelets on their wrists can be distracting for them and that earrings and necklaces are easy to “set and forget,” which is preferred, especially for everyday jewelry wearers.


Stacking and Layering

Regardless of the type or style of jewelry that people are choosing, there is one trend that has taken over: Stacking. It’s becoming increasingly common to pair two to three (or even more) necklaces together. The same goes for earrings, rings and bracelets. This is true about both dainty and chunky pieces, with most people mixing and matching styles and metals (gold or silver), and the trend is likely not going away for the foreseeable future. We are totally okay with this at Lucy Nash because we are LOVING IT!

Some of our favorite sterling silver stacks we’ve been loving lately:

Clement Bracelet and Stacy Tennis Bracelet

Our Clement and Stacey Tennis bracelets make the perfect understated, dainty duo!

The Leah cross studs + Lucy minis + Eva ultra mini hoops is a great trio for everyday wear.


Sterling Silver and Waterproof Jewelry

Another trend we’re seeing is a huge surge in popularity amongst sterling silver jewelry. It’s no coincidence that waterproof and tarnish-free jewelry are also gaining popularity in parallel. It’s the most frustrating thing to find the seemingly perfect jewelry piece only to have it tarnish a few weeks later as is common with gold or silver-plated brass or plated-steel jewelry. This is why many women are turning to sterling silver. Sterling silver is usually slightly more expensive than plated-brass and plated-steel jewelry but with the right care, it can last a lifetime. Sterling silver is also suitable for everyday wear and it isn’t going to tarnish on you if you workout and shower in it. This is why all of our jewelry is sterling silver at Lucy Nash.


In Summary

Whether you’re looking for the latest trends in jewelry or want pieces that will be with you for the long haul, we recommend selecting pieces that can be layered together. For all jewelry types (earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets) pick a few dainty pieces and some chunky pieces to stack. For necklaces be sure to select pieces with adjustable lengths so you can create a look with a variety of necklace lengths (and so all the necklaces you choose do not hit at the same length). We also recommend picking hypoallergenic and waterproof pieces made of materials such as sterling silver that you don’t have to worry about tarnishing or the coating wearing away from daily wear or due to getting them wet.

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