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Let's discuss Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Why is cubic zirconia jewelry getting more popular?

If you could get the perfect mix of brilliance, size, and price all in one stone, would you do it? That is what cubic zirconia does for jewelry for most consumers. Cubic zirconia looks like a diamond to the untrained eye and, if done right, can enhance the look you're trying to go for.

There are a few types of jewelry where these stones are making a big splash.

  1. Sterling silver and cubic zirconia jewelry
  2. Engagement rings
  3. Earrings
  4. Tennis bracelets

We will go over each of these below.

What is Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Jewelry?

When looking for jewelry, it can be difficult to find the proper mix of style, shine, beauty, and budget. A sterling silver ring can look just as beautiful as a platinum ring, if done right. When you pair sterling silver with cz, you get an amazing look, on a budget.

A band ring with a few cz stones in the band can look fantastic. But if you go too big, and get a giant piece of cubic zirconia that doesn't work with the rest of your outfit, it will come off as tacky.

The big rule to keep in mind is:


If you get anything with sterling silver and cubic zirconia and the stone is too big for the rest of your outfit, rather than look elegant, you'll look tacky.

The rise of the CZ Engagement Ring

The economic recovery from the pandemic is going poorly for almost everyone. This has caused immense stress and anxiety for many people. To make matters worse, there doesn't seem to be any end in sight.

People are struggling to pay their bills, put food on the table, and keep a roof over their heads. Many have lost their jobs or had their hours drastically reduced. The situation feels hopeless for many.

A 2 karat diamond is quite a rare gem. They're usually set in platinum, which can drive up the price. In fact, you could easily pay more than $20,000 for one of these diamonds.

What is the answer?

The cubic zirconia (or CZ engagement ring) is a fantastic alternative when the budgets are tight. If you are struggling to pay the bills, but still want a high quality, and beautiful engagement ring, a cubic zirconia ring with a sterling silver mount looks just as good as a diamond with platinum to the naked eye.

A properly cut cubic zirconia can shine almost as brightly as a diamond. In fact, the difference in shine is often only noticeable to a trained eye. This makes cubic zirconia a great choice for those who want the look of a diamond without the price tag.

Whether you go with an oval cut or a cushion cut, you can rest assured that your ring set will look perfect. So long as you get the right ring size it'll last for years. They can be a perfect option for your wedding rings.

Cubic Zirconia Earrings

There is more latitude with cubic zirconia earrings. You can try out different styles and looks without spending a lot of money. Cubic zirconia is a versatile stone that can be used in a variety of earring designs.

When pairing with sterling silver or gold plated sterling silver, you can get a fantastic look for a reasonable price.

Some good options are below:

  1. Lucy Nash: Hypoallergenic Earrings
  2. Kohls: Cubic Zirconia Earrings
  3. Target: Cubic Zirconia Earrings

The first option, Lucy Nash, has a more stylish option for a more discerning buyer.

Kohls and Target both have good options if you're looking for a bargain. However, sometimes you can find even better deals if you shop around.

Why are cubic zirconia earrings a good choice though? You can pair them with other pieces to dress up your entire aesthetic, or you can use them as a staple piece in your whole look. Below is an example of a cubic zirconia gold stud earring paired with two other earrings.

Cubic Zirconia stud with silver ball earring and gold hoop


The items in this look are all from Lucy Nash. The items are listed below:

Cubic Zirconia Gold Stud: Eloise Mini Stud Earring

Silver Ball Stud Earring: Camille Stud Earrings

8mm Gold Hoop Earring: Paula Ultra Mini Hoop Earring

With cz earrings it can be heard to go overboard with the sizing. I would stay at the 1 karat equivalent, and maybe go to the 2 kara equivalent size for your earrings. You want to be understated and classy.

Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelets are all the rage right now. They're the perfect accessory to add a touch of luxury to any outfit. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or just accentuating your everyday look, tennis bracelets are a must-have piece of jewelry this season.

The bracelets with diamonds can sell for tens of thousands of dollars. A bracelet with cz stones or a crystal tennis bracelet will give you the look you are aiming for without costing as much as a car.

Cubic Zirconia and Sterling Silver Tennis Bracelet


Pictured above is the Stacy Tennis Bracelet from Lucy Nash.

When it comes to tennis bracelets, it's all about simplicity. And this one is just beautifully understated. Perfect for everyday wear, it's a timeless piece that you'll never tire of. You get all the benefits of a gorgeous tennis bracelet, without the insane price tag.

Your tennis bracelet will last forever with 925 sterling silver and cubic zirconia. This bracelet is the perfect accessory for any outfit, whether you're dressing up or dressing down. Most other options out there will quickly tarnish and look terrible far sooner than you would like.

If you want to know more about sterling silver, check out this post:

Is Sterling Silver Waterproof?

Tennis Bracelet stacking


Pictured above is the Stacy Tennis Bracelet matched with the Clement Bracelet from Lucy Nash

As you can see, a tennis bracelet can also be stacked with other pieces. You can stack a tennis bracelet with other pieces to create a unique and stylish look. Tennis bracelets are incredibly versatile and can be worn with just about anything. If you're looking for a versatile piece of jewelry, a tennis bracelet is a great option.

With a bracelet like this you are getting a lab grown diamond tennis bracelet that looks so close to real diamonds it fools almost everyone at first glance. Now they may not be natural diamonds, but lab created diamonds are eye catching and will generally fool the naked eye.

Bracelets feature the best of all worlds when it comes to jewelry. The classic tennis bracelet is an easy choice when deciding on the type of bracelet you want. You can get a lab grown diamond bracelet or a cz bracelet. You could even go with natural diamonds if you want to spend a fortune.

Let's Wrap it up

If you’re in the market for some new jewelry, we highly recommend taking a look at cubic zirconia and sterling silver options. Cubic zirconia is a great option if you want something that looks similar to diamonds but doesn’t have the same price tag.

Sterling silver is also a great choice because it has a timeless look and can be worn with pretty much anything. Plus, both of these materials are very affordable when compared to other types of jewelry materials.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to our website and take a closer look at our selection of cubic zirconia and sterling silver pieces!

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