Jewelry to Get Your Girlfriend

jewelry to get your girlfriend

When your girlfriend wants a gift, the best thing to get her is beautiful jewelry. The trick is to make sure you don't spend too much money on the piece, or your bank account will be in rough shape.

The best thing to do is get her sterling silver. It's a great material as it is highly durable, and affordable. If you do stainless steel jewelry she will NOT be impressed.

If your lady wants gold, the best thing to do is to get gold plated sterling silver and that way, you can get the gold look, without paying the price for gold. If you can get your special someone the right gift, she will see you like you are Giga Chad and Andrew Tate put together. Be a Top G!

Jewelry ideas for girlfriend

When it comes to getting your girlfriend the perfect piece of jewelry you need to be aware of several important factors.

  1. What stage of the relationship are you in?
  2. What is her unique style?
  3. What is your budget?

These three questions will help you pick the perfect jewelry gift for your girlfriend. Let's start with stages of the relationship?

What stage of the relationship are you in?

Depending on what stage you are in, this will influence your gift ideas.


If you are in the "Just Talking" stage, get her some sterling silver stud earrings to make her swoon. The best thing here is to make sure that you get the right piece to match her style. If you just mail it in, she will not be happy. A great option is to get an item with pearls or cubic zirconia to really ramp up the style.

Cubic zirconia earrings


If you are in a long distance relationship, get her a heart necklace. The best note to attach to this, if you want to push the relationship forward is:

"I know we are very far apart, but I want to give you this heart necklace because my heart is always with you, no matter how far apart you are."

woman with heart necklace


When you two are in an exclusive/serious relationship make sure you get her a tennis bracelet. A tennis bracelet is always the best thing to do when you're in a more serious relationship. Women love these and your girlfriend will love this jewelry idea.

woman with tennis bracelet


What is her unique style?

If you are dating just about any kind of girl, she will love a great piece of jewelry. The only exception is if she has a very unique style. For example, a woman who likes to wear "Punk" jewelry will be one where you need to do a bit more searching than usual.

There are a few gold options to consider if you want to go with a gold color for the jewelry. If you do rose gold plated jewelry, remember that the color won't hold up quite as well as you'd like.

A yellow gold or white gold plating is usually quite durable, depending on how hard she is on the jewelry. A heart pendant is always a good choice and if you get a bracelet for her a heart charm is always a winner.

What is your budget?

Unless you are getting your lady an anniversary gift, try to keep your gift below $100. If she gets upset about the dollar value of a beautiful gift, you need to run for the hills. The trick is to make it look more expensive than it actually is and to get a good bit of value for your money.

man looking into wallet


Since money is tight, there is no reason to go with 18k gold jewelry that is just more expensive, but doesn't offer more value. Make sure you have the right lady for you.

What to look for when getting jewelry ideas for girlfriend

The big thing to look for is something that is a good value. Unfortunately, most jewelry is pretty interchangeable. The big thing to focus on is to avoid brass jewelry that is plated in silver or gold. The brass will be exposed incredibly quickly.

There are FAR too many jewelry stores out there where they offer brass jewelry with a plating. That plating will NEVER last. Don't get seduced by the brand or the marketing with this brass jewelry.

When getting jewelry for your girlfriend, make sure you get a good value that will make her swoon. That's easier said than done, but is incredibly important to get this right.

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