Showering with Sterling Silver

Is Sterling Silver Waterproof?

Is Sterling Silver Waterproof?

We've all invested our money into something new and expensive and wondered, "How do I take care of this?" With sterling silver, the main question comes down to "can I get sterling silver wet?"

The short answer for if sterling silver is waterproof is, yes it is. You won't see any immediate problems if you shower with sterling silver, or even jump in the pool. There are a few things to keep in mind, however.

What to keep in mind with Silver and Water

I have a beautiful silver necklace that my husband gave me on our one year anniversary. I wanted to make sure it was as beautiful the next year as it was when I got it. Here's a quick guide to keep silver tarnish away.

Shower Water

You shouldn't have any issues with shower water if you are running on municipal water (if you pay a water bill you are on municipal water). If you are using a well and septic tank for water, you may see some iron buildup, or other minerals, in the nooks and crannies of your sterling silver jewelry.

Pool Water/Hot Tubs

If it is a salt water pool you don't have any issues at all. With a chlorine treated pool, you may have to remove your silver before jumping in. Pools and hot tubs have harsh chemicals, like chlorine, you need to look out for.

If it is 925 sterling silver (designated by a 925 stamped in the jewelry) you should be fine. See picture below for example of such stamp.

Sterling Silver S925 Stamp


Hot Springs

If you are lucky enough to be in an area with hot springs, I am jealous. That being said, the good news is the water itself won't be a problem for your silver ring or wearing sterling silver at all. Just like if your shower is connected to a well, you could have some minerals that build up on the silver jewelry. This will happen with any jewelry and mineral buildup.

These Tips only work for pure Sterling Silver

Before you jump in a pool or take a shower with your sterling silver, or if you are just looking to buy some sterling silver jewelry, make sure it is stamped with the S925. Also make sure that it isn't just plated or coated in sterling silver. Shops like Miranda Frye have nice designs, but many of them are brass with silver or gold plating. That plating isn't nearly as durable as pure sterling silver.

This is why at Lucy Nash all of our jewelry is pure S925 sterling silver to make sure it lasts for a lifetime.

What does all this mean?

All of this means that YES sterling silver is waterproof. The water won't tarnish or destroy your sterling silver jewelry. You need to keep a few things in mind if you don't want to constantly clean it, however.

  1. The water won't damage 925 sterling silver
  2. Minerals in water can build up on the jewelry. This requires cleaning
  3. Harsh chemicals in water (like chlorine) will make your jewelry look dull
  4. When buying jewelry, make sure it is pure sterling silver, not brass plated in silver


If you do expose your jewelry to harsh chemicals or minerals, it is okay. The worst that can happen is you may need to clean it, or have it professionally cleaned. As long as it is pure sterling silver there is nothing to worry about.

A Big Thank You

When my husband and I started Lucy Nash we wanted to make sure that everyone could enjoy their jewelry for a lifetime. Rather than try to get the cheapest jewelry possible and then have insane markups, we wanted to make sure that everyone who purchased our jewelry could rely on the quality and durability.

As a thank you for reading through this, we wanted to offer you a 10% off discount code for your sterling silver jewelry purchase on our website. Make sure you use the code "WATERPROOF" at checkout and get 10% off your order.

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