Hollow Gold Bracelet Ideas

yellow gold chain bracelet

Finding the Right Type of Bracelet for You

When it comes to finding the perfect hollow gold bracelet, you first will want to think about why you're making the purchase and under what circumstances you will want to wear the bracelet. Here some of the main considerations to think through:

  1. What occasions will this bracelet be worn for?

  2. What type of material do I want my bracelet to be made of?

  3. What is my budget?

  4. How will I pick the right style bracelet that fits my personality and style preferences?

Thinking through Occasion

Statement Chain Bracelets are great for special occasions

One of the biggest things to think through is what vibe am I going for? To what event or what type of outfit do I envision wearing this bracelet with? Am I trying to make a fashion statement? Do I want to be able to wear it everyday and casually?

One aspect that will vary in visual impact is the chunkiness and thickness of the bracelet. With bold and chunkier jewelry being in style currently, a cuban link chain bracelet which is bigger in width has become a very popular choice amongst customers and best selling for lots of boutiques. Depending on the look you're going for, this might be an option you want to consider.

The answers to these questions will help inform the variety and design of bracelet you will eventually want to order and will hopefully get you that much closer to being ready to say "I found the one!"

Bracelet Materials: Yellow Gold vs. White Gold vs. Sterling Silver

Yellpw Gold Chain Bracelets

When looking to make this product addition to your collection, it's important to note, what type of material you will want your bracelet to be made out of--today we will be looking at gold, white gold and sterling silver.

Gold comes in many varieties--10k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold, 20k gold and white gold to name a few. The karat weight refers to the purity of gold in a particular piece, with the higher the karat weight equating to a higher gold purity.

There really is no such metal alloy as white gold. White gold is really rhodium covered yellow gold. Rhodium is a rare precious metal that is more valuable than gold.

Sterling silver is a price-friendly semi-precious metal.

These 3 options are all skin-sensitive friendly.

Your choice in this category will largely be impacted by what we talk about in the next--price.


When determining which particular piece is going to be the one, usually price has a big impact. Sometimes finding an item on sale or the fact that an item is more costly can steer women in one direction as opposed to another, and they can start to loose sight of their original vision/what they really want.

Keeping your budget in mind, I would recommend doing a little initial browsing and take a look at pieces that fall within your range. Create a list of potential options based on what is memorable to you as well as what other criterion on your list it might fulfill (what is it made of, color, is it handmade, does it have good reviews, does it include free shipping).

As you sort through the bracelets, if all your boxes are not being checked, you will need to decide if you're willing to compromise or if you will make a budget adjustment to try to meet more of your important criterion.

The big take away here is to never buy solely because the pieces are on sale or on the other hand, very expensive. Let price guide you generally but in most cases if you order only because a product is on sale, eventually you are going to restart your search trying to find what you really wanted and in the end it will be much more expensive than what it would've been had you purchased what you really wanted that actually aligns with your taste.

What Bracelet Length Fits You?

Be sure to check bracelet measurements listed on products

When purchasing a bracelet, you're going to want to make sure you pick the correct size. If you choose a bracelet that is even a fraction of an inch off, then that might make the difference of the bracelet fitting perfectly and the bracelet being way too tight or way too loose.

First we'll want to figure out how big your wrist is. The simplest way would be to use a flexible ruler or a seamstresses measuring tape. If you do not have one, try taking a piece of string wrap it around your wrist--ensure that it is loose enough to simulate how you prefer a bracelet to fit. Take a ruler and measure how long the string is and there's the length of bracelet you will want to purchase.

When you browse products be sure to check the length of the bracelet before purchasing any particular item.

Sometimes, they will have options for different lengths. The most comment bracelet length for women falls between 6.5 inches to 7.5 inches, but you may also be able to find some options with 6 inch lengths as well as 8 inches. Other times, if the bracelet is adjustable in length, then the maximum to minimum length range of the bracelet will be listed. Make sure your bracelet size fits within that range when you buy adjustable pieces.

Finding Light (Adjusted Gram Weight) Bracelets

The most common reaction I hear when a someone gets a heavy piece of jewelry is "it's such good quality!" It's understandable why they react that way but in reality, the exact opposite is true. A light piece of jewelry is usually made of more expensive materials. Since the material costs so much, a very heavy piece of jewelry made of genuine metal is going to be extremely costly.

On top of this, after wearing these heavy pieces for long period of times can get uncomfortable. When the jewelry is uncomfortable, it gets put in a jewelry box out of sight after the first time and it will never be worn again and it will be left there to tarnish.

These pieces also are usually coated in a very shiny finish that is very reflective. This coating will wear away quickly and it will also be a dead give away that your jewelry is not made of genuine metals.

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